Dr. Engr. Sheeraz Ahmed Memon  (C.V)
Director/Associate Professor
Higher Education Commission (HEC)  Approved Supervisor
B.E    (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E   (Myongji University, South Korea)
Ph.D. (Myongji University, South Korea)
Research Interest: Watershed Management, Water & Wastewater treatment
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. 7303) Email[email protected][email protected]

Prof. Dr. Khan Muhammad Brohi (C.V)
Dean Faculty of Architecture & Civil Engineering, Mehran UET, Jamshoro 
B.E    (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E    (Nagoya University, Japan)
Ph.D. (Nagoya University, Japan)
Research Interest: Health Safety & Environment, Air & Noise Pollution Control, EIA
Office(022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7301),  Email:   [email protected])

Dr. Engr. Abdul Razaque Sahito
Associate Professor
Higher Education Commission (HEC)  Approved Supervisor
B.E    (QUEST, Pakistan), M.E    (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Ph.D.  (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Research Interest: Renewable Energy, Waste to Energy
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7310), Email[email protected][email protected]

Dr. Engr. Muhammad Safar Korai (C.V)
Assistant Professor
Higher Education Commission (HEC)  Approved Supervisor
B.E   (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E  (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Ph.D (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Research Interest: Solid Waste Management, Composting Technology, Anaerobic Digestion Technology, Waste to Energy
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. 7315), Email: [email protected][email protected][email protected]

Engr. Azizullah Channa
Assistant Professor

B.E  (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Research Interest:
Phone: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7302)
Email: [email protected][email protected]

Engr. Maraym Arain
Assistant Professor
B.E  (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Research Interest:
Phone: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7309)
Email:   [email protected]


Engr. Sajid Hussain Mangi (C.V)
B.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan),
M.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Research Interest: Health Safety & Environment, EIA, Water & Wastewater Engineering, Energy Resources Management
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7305), Email:   [email protected]

Engr. Barkatullah Kandhro (On Contract) (C.V)
B.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan), M.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7313)
Email:  [email protected]


Engr. Kundan Kumar
(On Contract) (C.V)
B.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan),  M.E (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7304)
Email:  [email protected]

Admin Staff


Mr. Mahboob Ali Channa 
(Superintendent )
B.A (University of Sindh, Jamshoro),  M.A (University of Sindh, Jamshoro)
Office: (022) 2772250-73 (Ext. # 7301)
Email:  [email protected]