About IEEM

With increased awareness about environmental issues at the global and national levels, environmental engineering has become a fast emerging discipline with vast scope for progression in the future. The Institute of Environmental Engineering and Management (IEEM) has been established with the aim of creating new knowledge and finding innovative solutions to local and global environmental issues through application of such knowledge. There is lot of hue and cry for control of the pollution   in the urban and rural areas, oceans, rivers and agriculture lands. Today, Pakistan stands on the threshold of implementing environmental standards. Environmental Protection Agencies (EPAs) of the four provinces and federal government have been assigned the task to implement environmental standards and therefore there will be great need for large number of qualified expert in field of environmental engineering. The scope of an Environmental Engineer goes beyond the community and regional levels to global level.

The Bachelor of Engineering (BE) program is based sound on theoretical knowledge and through the practical training supported by field practical and industrial training.

The syllabus includes subjects like basic sciences, computer sciences, fluid mechanics, hydraulics, survey, water and waste water engineering, renewable energy, waste management and numerical analysis. The BE degree will make the students eligible for admission to post graduate degree (ME and Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering).We have highly qualified faculty having Ph.D. and ME from abroad, prepares the IEEM graduates to achieve excellence in their career.

Director's Message

It gives me immense pleasure to welcome all to the Institute Environmental Engineering & Management (IEEM), Mehran UET, Jamshoro, dedicated to addressing and solving the most pressing environmental challenges of our time. The IEEM has been founded with the vision of mitigating environmental degradation, promoting sustainable development, and ensuring the well-being of the planet for generations to come. Environmental engineering and management is a rapidly growing field that is critical in today's world, given the dire consequences of climate change and other environmental issues. At IEEM, we are committed to imparting high-quality education and training in environmental engineering and management, research, and consulting services for industry, government, and non-governmental organizations.
Our team comprises experienced and dedicated environmental faculty members, engineers, and management professionals who are passionate about safeguarding the environment. They are engaged in cutting-edge research, developing innovative engineering solutions, and providing consultancy services to address complex environmental problems.
At IEEM, we believe in the power of education and research to create a better future for our planet. We are committed to preparing our students to become the next generation of leaders in environmental engineering and management. We offer a variety of programs, including undergraduate (B.E) and post-graduate programs (M.E & Ph.D.), certifications, and continuing education courses to cater to the diverse needs of our students. Our curriculum emphasizes interdisciplinary learning, practical training.
To achieve our mission, we collaborate with academic institutions, industry partners, governmental and non-governmental organizations, and other stakeholders to combine our expertise and resources. Together, we strive towards sustainable solutions for environmental challenges, promoting the circular economy, and creating a more prosperous and equitable world.
IEEM, Mehran UET, Jamshoro

Prof. Dr. Abdul Razaque Sahito,
Director & Professor (IEEM)
B.E      (QUEST, Pakistan),
M.E     (Mehran UET, Pakistan)
Ph.D.  (Mehran UET, Pakistan)

Mission of the Program

"Environmental Engineering program imparts high-quality education with the vision of producing engineers to provide innovative solutions to the environmental challenges and nurture personal growth skills as creative and entrepreneurial minds along with professional ethics to have successful career."




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