An-Online Meeting with Professionals
4th Meeting of Industrial Advisory Board (IAB)
Chinese Company visited IEEM
Session of Coal Mining and Its Environmental Impacts
Collaborative meeting held at IEEM
Introduction Outcome Based Education System for 20EE-Batch



Webinar on Integrated Solid Waste Management in Pakistan
One-Day Seminar on Prospect Funding for Opportunities for FYPs
Online Initial Seminars (17EE Batch) for Final Year Projects
Webinar on "Application of Information Technology in the filed of EE"


GRE Subject type test for PhD in Environmental Engineering
Seminar on Water pollution in Urban Cities of Pakistan
One-Day Seminar on Pursuing Higher Studies Abroad Through Scholarships
One-Day Seminar on Circular Economy in Achieving SDG
A National Assembly Session (Model)

One-Day Seminar on Pursuing Higher Studies Abroad Through Scholarships
2nd International Conference on SDC-2019

“Protect Our Species Earth Day’19 Celebration


5th International Conference on Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development
World Wetlands Day'18
World Water Day-2018

Seminar on “Perspective of Antibiotic in the Environment" and “Environmental Justice”


World Environment Day'17
Mother Earth Day 


National Conference on Environmental Engineering & Management
Seminar on Water, Energy and Sustainable Development